Legal Services

In addition to his law degree, obtained in 1994, Mr. Harris returned to law school in 2017 to complete his LLM in Real Property Development Law at the University of Miami School of Law.

Our firm can draft, review and negotiate commercial and residential leases for clients throughout the New York metropolitan area. Mr. Harris is available to provide strong representation to landlords and tenants in all lease-related transactions and disputes.

Commercial Leases

We can address all of the issues that often prove contentious in commercial lease disputes, including common area maintenance fees and personal guarantees. An oversight in drafting a commercial lease can prove costly. For instance, a company may want a provision that restricts the property owner from leasing space to a competitor or from using the property in a way that would harm the business. We scrutinize commercial leases to make sure our clients’ interests are protected.

Residential Leases

We can address all your concerns regarding residential leases, including lease termination, nonrenewal procedures, rules and standards, and addenda regarding pets, pest control and other issues. We represent landlords in establishing rules and standards and navigating Section 8, the Fair Housing Act and other compliance challenges. Our clients include landlords, homeowners, prospective tenants and those already in a landlord-tenant relationship with legal concerns. There have been many changes in the law recently in regard to residential leases and we are available to answer all issues in regard to the new law.

A Law Firm For All Your Real Estate Leasing Needs

If you are seeking legal guidance for establishing a commercial or residential lease agreement in New York, our lawyers are here to protect your interests.