About Us

RTHPM, LLC is a real estate development company which was initially formed to build and renovate office space.   Today, RTHPM is a real estate development and management company, with a portfolio containing over 250,000 square feet of commercial, retail and residential properties owned, developed and managed in the New York Metropolitan area.

Headquartered in Queens, New York, RTHPM has a history of long-term, well-established relationships with its commercial tenants, including Walgreens, Rite Aid, Chase Bank, Dress Barn, Lab Corp of America, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Paris Baquette, as well as day care, medical and other businesses thanks to exceptional service and the ability to accommodate specific (and often unique) tenant space requirements. RTHPM’s properties include Class A and B office buildings, shopping centers, retail pads, and Hospital Facilities

RTHPM has successfully implemented multiple projects involving both “from the ground up” construction and substantial renovation programs.

While Richard T. Harris and RTHPM continue to actively pursue real estate development and investment opportunities of all types, our strategic focus is on (1) “value add” commercial projects; (2) providing Class A office and related facility space on a design/build basis ; and (3) redevelopment and renovation of existing retail centers. The firm is especially experienced in the development of office space for tenants of all kinds.

Our mission at RTHPM is to maximize the dynamics between economic and human factors in planning major developments. RTHPM works with outside architects, engineers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, sales and leasing agents and lending institutions to pursue the successful development of projects. We seek zoning changes when practical and increased density by obtaining air rights or variances that will increase the FAR.

Mr. Harris has a B.A. from SUNY Stony Brook, and a masters degree related to Real Property Development.

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